What Key Features Should an Aesthetic Clinic PMS Have?

A modern aesthetic clinic, such as a cosmetic practice or medical spa, no longer has to make just any Practice Management Software (PMS) work. There are many PMS systems made specifically for this type of practice, however, they are not all the same. A cosmetic clinic or medical spa should choose a PMS with the following features:

1. Appointment Scheduling

Look for PMS that makes scheduling patients quick and easy. It is important to keep in mind, PMS for the aesthetic practice needs to be able to handle multiple providers across more than one office while allowing many users at one time. This will keep your office moving smoothly and decrease errors such as double booking. A call tracking and call management system is a plus.

2. Easily Integrated

When adding a new PMS, make sure it will integrate with your existing patient data and electronic health records (EHR) so no information is lost during the transition. Although in the past you may have had more than one system on board, a new PMS means everything will be consolidated. Your new software should be equipped for the data migration process.

3. Report Creation

Without customizable, comprehensive reports, a PMS cannot be effective. The system you choose should have dozens of premade templates, with the option to create unique reports. Patient documents, compliance forms, and staff documentation forms should be simple to find and print. Your PMS should also store your data and forms, easily accessed with a user-friendly dashboard.

4. Billing Feature

Purchase PMS with a private accounting suite designed for automated billing, tracking delinquent accounts, and creating quotes. A system designed for the aesthetic practice will handle point of sale (POS), inventory control, and track commission. Your PMS accounting suite will also make the bookkeeping for your office expenditures a breeze.

5. Inventory Control

Automated inventory control will maintain all of your supplies and retail items. Choose a PMS that allows staff to check volume/price from any workstation in the office. A quality PMS can alert you when an item is low or automatically place an order with your favorite vendor, ensuring you never run out of anything.

6. Marketing

Find PMS made for aesthetic marketing. It should allow you to keep in touch with existing patients while attracting new clients and turn leads into customers. This software should be able to use the data collected from your patients and site visitors to curate email campaigns. This system can automatically send follow-up emails and appointment reminders.

7. Patient Retention

Your PMS should have a proven patient retention management module, featuring a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. This will include an effective communication system to ensure patients are satisfied and will return. Patient reminders, birthday greetings, appointment confirmation, and emails/newsletters generated around their unique needs.

8. 24/7 Customer Support

Your newly purchased PMS needs to include a support network that can be reached any time, day or night. Beginning with training, the PMS should get your staff up and running, while hosting videos and FAQs for additional education. Help should be a click or phone call away for the life of your system. Invest in a PMS that offers ongoing, automatic, and free software updates.

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