Benefits of having a Practice Management Software (PMS) System for your Aesthetic Clinic

In today’s aesthetic practice, there is almost nothing that cannot be taken care of electronically, from scheduling and coding to billing. Automation can make things simpler and faster. However, unless your office is utilizing an integrated software system, that encompasses every online task, you may not be maximizing efficiency and the effectiveness of your office. A quality Practice Management Software (PMS), designed specifically for the aesthetic practice, can significantly improve staff efficiency and practice organization.

Practice Management Software Benefits:

There are many reasons to consider a PMS system for your aesthetic practice. The program makes it easy to maintain electronic health records (EHR), maximize coding, set up online billing, tailor patient communications, and keep track of all patient information through a private, HIPPA-compliant system. Optimizing administrative and financial duties, PMS saves both time and money.

1. Streamline Accounting

A PMS system will streamline your entire accounting process, from coding to billing, making life easier and your office more productive. Quickly find the proper ICD codes for higher reimbursements. Additionally, with automated billing and alerts for delinquent accounts, revenues will go up.

2. Enhanced Documentation

The PMS system offers enhanced documentation, ensuring staff stay in compliance with current HIPAA regulations and mandates. The software program integrates with your existing electronic health records (EHR) and can easily and quickly update patient information for more accurate records.

3. Meticulous Inventory control

Practice Management Software offers inventory control, meticulously monitoring supplies. From any computer in the office, the staff can check availability and cost. As inventory runs low, the system will send an alert or place an automatic reorder with your vendors.

4. Convenient Patient and Staff Scheduling

Simplify scheduling across multiple locations and multiple providers. With an easy-to-read dashboard, avoid double booked appointments and any holes in the daily schedule. The scheduling feature automatically sends appointment reminders for fewer no-shows. Use the PMS system to keep track of staff scheduling, as well.

5. Follow your Practice’ Progress

Your PMS system can create an array of reports, giving you an advantage for following trends and practice performance. The software gives you the tools and knowledge to detect any issues early on and achieve resolution before they escalate.

Additional Benefits of BoomerangFX PMS:

BoomerangFX offers a PMS designed by a cosmetic surgeon, for aesthetic practices. In addition to the many perks of a traditional PMS system, BoomerangFX also offers:

• Cloud-based platform
• Adaptable any size practice
• Call management center for better patient communication
• Powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool
• Patient loyalty program for improved retention
• Track patient conversion
• Customizable reporting
• Rich suite of compliance documents and forms
• Treatment tracking modules
• Inventory control that predicts future needs
• Strategic emails and marketing
• Safe, security encryption to ensure compliance with HIPPA and PIPEDA regulations
• Easy to use database migration module
• Option for 99.9% internet server guarantee
• Free software upgrades at no charge

See the benefits of BoomerangFX for yourself by signing up for a complimentary demo or sign up for one year of BoomerangFX PMS and receive your first month free, with no setup and migration fee.