Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Practice

Video Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “43% of B2C marketers say that pre-produced video is the most successful type of content for marketing purposes.” Which makes a lot of sense, as video streaming platforms have increased significantly over the last decade. With Cisco projecting that 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from videos by the year 2021, implementing a video marketing plan within your online presence is vital for your clinic to succeed.

Expand Your Content Formats

While updating your blog and social sites are very important, SnapApp rates blogging (65%), social media (64%) and case studies (64%) as the most influential marketing tactics, developing content that is outside of a regular long-form blog is incredibly powerful. For example, did you know that infographics can increase web traffic by 12%? Or that those who follow directions with text and images do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations? Utilizing sites like Canva to update the type of content you make for your medical practice is a simple yet effective way to get more eyes on your website. 

Online Review Generation

Research has shown that 68% of potential patients will form an opinion of your practice and it’s physicians with as little as five reviews. Patient reviews are one of the most critical factors in local search rankings, and generating positive patient reviews needs to be at the top of your list! Enlisting the help of a marketing agency to work with your team to generate positive, HIPAA compliant patient reviews will streamline the process and increase the number of reviews you receive.

Build Strong Referral Programs

Reliability is one of the most significant factors that help your practice stand out from the rest. In today’s world, potential patients rely on the trust factor, when it comes from someone they know, or an influencer they follow. While a consumer may rarely talk about the excellent services that they received, they don’t think twice before stating their disapproval. 

Because of this, your practice needs to maintain trust and loyalty among its patients. Not just to maintain their business, but also to reach those they speak to about their experiences at your practice. For instance, a medispa may offer a referral or retention rewards program that is equally beneficial to you and your patients as it raises awareness, and gives them discounts on future products or services.

Track Your ROI With BoomerangFX, 

Once you’ve enhanced your initiatives, you need to ensure your ROI is worth the hard-earned money you’re funneling into your marketing plan. BoomerangFX integrates with all channels to track the origin of every lead. Intelligent reporting capabilities allow you to view performance metrics and quickly calculate ROI on each of your marketing investments. 

We turn valuable insights into specific, actionable data so that knowing where to invest future marketing dollars is simple and straightforward. Your software should possess the reporting coded into it and modules, such as ROI by a specific cosmetic marketing campaign. It should also be capable of tracking e-newsletters, promotions, specials, social media paid ads and, of course, Google Adwords and pay per click.

By entering your referral source in your software and the automated spend by your aesthetic patient, you will automatically generate specific lead generation source ROI. This will allow you to tailor your tactics and strategies to the most profitable initiatives or modulate those that are underperforming. Look for a minimum of 3:1 return on advertising investment, or $3.00 earned by a patient from $1.00 spent acquiring them.