How BoomerangFX‘s CRM Feature Can Give Your Practice a Much-Needed Boost

What is Customer relationship management (CRM)? 

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an advanced algorithm designed to better manage your aesthetic practice’s current clients and potential patients. A good CRM will give the relationship with your existing patients a boost by streamlining automation, increasing sales, and upping profits. The algorithm takes data on your existing clients, analyzes it, and reshapes the information in a manner that betters communication while increasing retention rates.

BoomerangFX Practice Management Software (PMS) is a CRM algorithm enabled, with a robust Client Retention Module. Our software will track clients based on your designated parameters, including age, treatment, and money spent. The CRM tool will remind you when these patients should return to your office based on their previous experiences.

BoomerangFX CRM Can:

o Allow you to track and manage inquiries

o Convert leads into paying patients

o Retain patients

o Get back ‘lost’ patients

o Boost customer service

o Optimize marketing campaigns

o Organize patient data including appointments, quotes, receipts, and credits

o Store all patient data in one, organized location for easy reference

o Simplify uploads of new data into your patient files

Track Sales for Amplified Retention Rates

BoomerangFX’s CRM tool uses a collection of powerful features to leverage patient data. Our software identifies purchases, missed sales, and the customers that have been the most profitable for your practice. We then allow you to focus communications on those patients most likely to purchase again. We foster engagement with these patients through automated, curated and personal reminders throughout the year. Targeting promotional materials will dramatically improve overall conversion and retention rates. Creating a solid base of loyal customers, BoomerangFX PMS with the CRM tool will increase your injectable and energy based clients by up to 80%. Better retention rates mean stable future growth and increased revenue.

Streamline Your Efforts While Ensuring Customers Return

With BoomerangFX, there is no more wasted time and energy going through patient charts or receipts to review purchases. Our CRM streamlines the backend process by efficiently storing data on our platform. The simple, clear dashboard allows you to easily see everything about a patient in one place. BoomerangFX predicts who is most likely to schedule a return appointment, what for and when. With the touch of a keypad, add 25% or more to your injectable revenue without factoring in a single new patient. Additionally, the CRM tool handles automated delinquency callbacks, saving you valuable time and frustration while increasing cash flow.

BoomerangFX for the Aesthetic Practice

Your aesthetic practice is constantly inundated with data, coming in from every direction. Unless this data is turned into knowledge, it will not do you any good. That’s where BoomerangFX comes in. We offer practice management software designed by a cosmetic surgeon, created specifically for your aesthetic office.

From marketing to billing, our PMS will ensure your office runs smoothly while giving you the tools to build better customer relationships for retention and growth. Sign up for a free BoomerangFX demo today.