7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Medical Practice Management Software

The last thing on your mind may be your practice software because, after all, you are busy with patients. However, if you are using an outdated system, you are no doubt spending too much time managing the practice instead of nurturing your practice. A modern, effective PMS will get everything your clinic needs in a smooth and efficient manner. So how do you know when it is time to change your medical spa PMS? Here are seven signs the time is now:

1. You Are Cobbling Multiple Systems Together

Does your MedSpa need more than one software program to get everything done? If you are using several programs that are incompatible with each other, just to have some sense of automation, it’s time for a new PMS.

BoomerangFX offers a robust PMS complete with a suite for scheduling, inventory, EMR, and marketing – everything you need to get the job done with a single, integrated software.

2. You Have Large Stacks of Paper Scattered Around the Front Office

If your front office staff is slowly being buried under endless stacks of papers, files, and sticky notes, your practice is not running efficiently. With an overload of paper, reports get lost, reminders overlooked, and patient forms quickly get out of hand.

BoomerangFX helps your office go paperless, saving you the cost of printing, copying, and storing these documents. We help you keep everything in its place including records, billing, and marketing.

3. Your Software Doesn’t Offer Automatic Updates

Updates on old software eventually cease. Even when an update does come out, downloading and installing it is complicated and time-consuming.

Software updates with BoomerangFX are automatic, so you never have to worry about making changes or struggling with a slow download.

4. Your IT Guy is All the Software Support You Have

Do you have your office IT guy on speed dial? If he is the only person you have to support your staff through software glitches or server trouble, your practice will thank you for new PMS.

BoomerangFX offers 24/7 support on the phone, via email, or instant message. Our team will walk you and your staff members through any issues, small or large, if they are in the building or working remotely. Our job is to keep your practice flowing at 100%.

5. You Are Still Maintaining an In-Office Server

Chances are, if you have a server tucked away in your office, then you probably know how devastating it can be if something goes wrong. The stress of protecting your server falls directly on you. You must ensure it’s in a secure location or you risk a security/data breach or losing all of your data should there be a flood, fire, or natural disaster.

BoomerangFX offers cloud-based PMS, keeping all of your data and patient files encrypted and safe. If you are in a patient exam room, or at a conference across the country, you can easily log into your practice site and work get your work done.

6. Your Monthly Reports Are Put Together with Excel

Without an integrated, all-encompassing PMS, gathering together your monthly reports take up your valuable time and risk being incomplete with lackluster accounting.

With BoomerangFX, you can meticulously monitor all aspects of your practice, including the finances. Create customized reports using real-time information that even include expenditure and revenue forecasts.

7. You Know What It’s Like to Run Out of Supplies or Retail Items

No one wants the job of manually checking inventory so the estimate of supplies or products is often inaccurate. Unfortunately, poor inventory control can mean frustration, embarrassment, and a loss in sales revenue.

BoomerangFX has a full suite of Inventory Management Software, designed to precisely manage your stock levels of treatment supplies and retail items. As an item is used or a new shipment arrives, the inventory count is immediately updated. Staff members can check prices and availability of retail products from any computer.

Do any of the above sound all too familiar? BoomerangFX has a free demo waiting for you, so take a minute to see what our Practice Management Software can do for your medical spa or aesthetic clinic.