4 Ways a Practice Management Software System Can Improve Your Inventory Control

As an aesthetic provider, your mind is focused on patient care. Unfortunately, staying on top of your inventory of products, tools, and supplies can get pushed to the back burner. Medical inventory management is too often an afterthought, feeling like a time-consuming, overwhelming job that nobody wants to do. However, it does not have to be this way.

Quality Practice Management Software (PMS) does many things for your office including accounting, scheduling, and marketing. One additional benefit of PMS is its ability to help with inventory control.  Designed for the modern healthcare provider, the integrated inventory control tool is an effective way to keep track of stock items and upcoming purchases, saving your staff time, reducing errors, lowering costs, and increasing profit. The four key ways that PMS can make a significant improvement in your inventory control include:

1. Track Inventory with PMS

Practice Management Software will quickly tell you what inventory you have on hand and alert you when an item is running low. From any computer, staff can check if an item is in stock or look up a price. Additionally, as new inventory arrives, each item will be scanned in, immediately updating the inventory list. The inventory control feature monitors stock levels in real-time, preventing the embarrassment of running out of an essential item.

Time and again, each provider will go through the same set of supplies every time they repeat a particular procedure. For ease, a procedure preference card can be created. Instead of staff entering each of the items used, one by one, the employee only needs to scan the preset preference card. This will then tick off all of the tools and products normally used, with the options to manually add any additional items.

2. Predict Future Needs

One advantage of PMS inventory control is its ability to predict upcoming holes in your supply closet. Not only will you know when an item is suddenly running low, but your PMS can also be set to remind you which items need to be ordered on a routine basis. Using periodic automatic replenishment (PAR), you can set the minimum and the maximum number of items to keep in stock.

An easy mistake for any medical office is letting the lesser-used products expire on the shelf. Your PMS will track expiration dates, helping to prevent them from being dispensed to clients. This also tells you which products are not moving, and ensures you know what items need reordering.

3. Ordering with PMS

Your PMS system is capable of integration with supply vendors, making it easier than ever to replace low stock. Routine orders are taken care of with PAR. Then, when you are ready to purchase specific items, you will have a direct connection to your supplier’s catalog, eliminating tedious searches or failed attempts at reaching busy sales reps. Electronic receipts and purchase records can be kept in the desired location for simple access later on.

4. Create reports

One benefit of an accurate inventory system is detailed weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly inventory/sales reports, ready at the touch of a button. Not only will your PMS system report supply usage, but this integrated software can also further break down inventory movement using multiple variables, such department or staff member. Purchases can be recorded in each patient’s electronic health record, then easily accessed for future sales or marketing events. A PMS system will help you get the most out of your inventory, telling you how well the retail side of your practice is really doing.

BoomerangFX: Practice Management Software for Inventory Control

When considering a PMS system, be careful to choose the one that offers integration for inventory control. BoomerangFX is a comprehensive, flexible PMS system, designed by a doctor specifically for medical practice. Remember, your reputation in patient care is one of the most important assets your office has. Protect your brand and your finances through quality inventory control.

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