Turning leads into patients is a vital part of any medical practice. Sometimes, however, this process can feel almost impossible. By breaking the conversion process into small steps, turning leads into patients can easily be mastered by any aesthetic clinic.

1. Create Your Brand

Prospective patients need to see your office and remember the brand. Think about the demographics of your customers, their most desired procedures, and the impression you want to sell. Keep the dialogue you use online and on social media in a conversational tone that speaks to the lay patient, while always remembering your target audience. Patients that cannot relate to you will not choose your practice.

2. Design Your Website

If it has been more than two years since your website was updated, it is probably out-of-date. As the inaugural stop for potential patients, first impressions mean everything. Your website must clearly tell visitors who you are and what you offer, delivering inviting and eye-catching content. This information will entice the visitor to stay a while, turning them into a lead. Getting your visitor to sign up for more information provides their name, email address, and demographics – ready to use during future marketing campaigns.

Include easy links for:
o Subscribing to your blog
o Downloading content
o Asking a question
o Requesting additional information
o Scheduling a consultation

3. Craft a Strategic Email Marketing Campaign

Your marketing strategy should begin with a clear understanding of the intended audience. Direct your email marketing at the right group of potential patients with lead segmentation. Use the information you gathered from your website. This patient data, gathered patient interactions on your website, will give you the knowledge to send targeted emails to those interested in a specific treatment or technique.

4. Create Content to Engage and Nurture Leads

There are many opportunities to fill your website with informative content. Write blogs that are useful to your reader, using keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Before/after photographs and videos will keep your content unique, promote your brand, and grab a visitor’s attention. Utilize the E.A.T. theory (expertise, authority, and trust) to work when trying to determine quality content that will rise to the top of a Google search.

5. Set Up Your Paid Advertising

Although many of the methods for converting leads into patients can be done with little cost to you, paid advertising is still a must. Paid media is extremely effective at generating leads, sparking conversations, and ultimately, bringing new patients into your office. Monitor your advertising choices carefully, ensuring a good return on your investment (ROI). Detailed monthly reports will be necessary to see which ads reach your target audience and create lucrative leads.

6. Bonus: Enlist Help with BoomerangFX

Running a busy aesthetic practice, it can be hard to find the time for marketing and lead conversion. This is where a good Practice Management Software (PMS) comes in. The adaptable software will curate your patient database, automate lead-segregated emails, keep meticulous inventory, order supplies, and deliver customizable reports.

One of the key features of a good PMS is staged tracking and conversion. BoomerangFX will track unclosed leads, unclosed consults and ensure you reach out to them automatically, increasing your lead and consult conversion is optimized. Similarly, BoomerangFX’s CRM (client relationship management) algorithm will notify you (and the client) when active clients (e.g. Botox, filler or laser and energy patients) are due for their next treatment, which leads to an increase in sales!

A PMS system will tackle all of these and more, giving you added time to focus on lead conversion and growing your practice that track all the right information about your leads.

BoomerangFX offers a robust, comprehensive PMS system designed by a cosmetic surgeon specifically for aesthetic practices. Nobody understands the needs of a busy cosmetic office or MedSpa like BoomerangFX. Sign up for a complimentary demo and see what the rave reviews are all about.

A modern aesthetic clinic, such as a cosmetic practice or medical spa, no longer has to make just any Practice Management Software (PMS) work. There are many PMS systems made specifically for this type of practice, however, they are not all the same. A cosmetic clinic or medical spa should choose a PMS with the following features:

1. Appointment Scheduling

Look for PMS that makes scheduling patients quick and easy. It is important to keep in mind, PMS for the aesthetic practice needs to be able to handle multiple providers across more than one office while allowing many users at one time. This will keep your office moving smoothly and decrease errors such as double booking. A call tracking and call management system is a plus.

2. Easily Integrated

When adding a new PMS, make sure it will integrate with your existing patient data and electronic health records (EHR) so no information is lost during the transition. Although in the past you may have had more than one system on board, a new PMS means everything will be consolidated. Your new software should be equipped for the data migration process.

3. Report Creation

Without customizable, comprehensive reports, a PMS cannot be effective. The system you choose should have dozens of premade templates, with the option to create unique reports. Patient documents, compliance forms, and staff documentation forms should be simple to find and print. Your PMS should also store your data and forms, easily accessed with a user-friendly dashboard.

4. Billing Feature

Purchase PMS with a private accounting suite designed for automated billing, tracking delinquent accounts, and creating quotes. A system designed for the aesthetic practice will handle point of sale (POS), inventory control, and track commission. Your PMS accounting suite will also make the bookkeeping for your office expenditures a breeze.

5. Inventory Control

Automated inventory control will maintain all of your supplies and retail items. Choose a PMS that allows staff to check volume/price from any workstation in the office. A quality PMS can alert you when an item is low or automatically place an order with your favorite vendor, ensuring you never run out of anything.

6. Marketing

Find PMS made for aesthetic marketing. It should allow you to keep in touch with existing patients while attracting new clients and turn leads into customers. This software should be able to use the data collected from your patients and site visitors to curate email campaigns. This system can automatically send follow-up emails and appointment reminders.

7. Patient Retention

Your PMS should have a proven patient retention management module, featuring a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. This will include an effective communication system to ensure patients are satisfied and will return. Patient reminders, birthday greetings, appointment confirmation, and emails/newsletters generated around their unique needs.

8. 24/7 Customer Support

Your newly purchased PMS needs to include a support network that can be reached any time, day or night. Beginning with training, the PMS should get your staff up and running, while hosting videos and FAQs for additional education. Help should be a click or phone call away for the life of your system. Invest in a PMS that offers ongoing, automatic, and free software updates.

When you start looking for PMS designed for an aesthetic office, start with BoomerangFX. Created by a cosmetic surgeon, BoomerangFX is made to fit the needs of cosmetic surgeons and medispas. Our robust PMS brings together all of these key features in one, easy to use platform. The software includes extensive accounting, scheduling, and marketing suites that bring in patients and retains them. Our PMS ensures your office runs efficiently and remains flexible for a growing practice. Try BoomerangFX PMS for yourself with a free demonstration.

In today’s aesthetic practice, there is almost nothing that cannot be taken care of electronically, from scheduling and coding to billing. Automation can make things simpler and faster. However, unless your office is utilizing an integrated software system, that encompasses every online task, you may not be maximizing efficiency and the effectiveness of your office. A quality Practice Management Software (PMS), designed specifically for the aesthetic practice, can significantly improve staff efficiency and practice organization.

Practice Management Software Benefits:

There are many reasons to consider a PMS system for your aesthetic practice. The program makes it easy to maintain electronic health records (EHR), maximize coding, set up online billing, tailor patient communications, and keep track of all patient information through a private, HIPPA-compliant system. Optimizing administrative and financial duties, PMS saves both time and money.

1. Streamline Accounting

A PMS system will streamline your entire accounting process, from coding to billing, making life easier and your office more productive. Quickly find the proper ICD codes for higher reimbursements. Additionally, with automated billing and alerts for delinquent accounts, revenues will go up.

2. Enhanced Documentation

The PMS system offers enhanced documentation, ensuring staff stay in compliance with current HIPAA regulations and mandates. The software program integrates with your existing electronic health records (EHR) and can easily and quickly update patient information for more accurate records.

3. Meticulous Inventory control

Practice Management Software offers inventory control, meticulously monitoring supplies. From any computer in the office, the staff can check availability and cost. As inventory runs low, the system will send an alert or place an automatic reorder with your vendors.

4. Convenient Patient and Staff Scheduling

Simplify scheduling across multiple locations and multiple providers. With an easy-to-read dashboard, avoid double booked appointments and any holes in the daily schedule. The scheduling feature automatically sends appointment reminders for fewer no-shows. Use the PMS system to keep track of staff scheduling, as well.

5. Follow your Practice’ Progress

Your PMS system can create an array of reports, giving you an advantage for following trends and practice performance. The software gives you the tools and knowledge to detect any issues early on and achieve resolution before they escalate.

Additional Benefits of BoomerangFX PMS:

BoomerangFX offers a PMS designed by a cosmetic surgeon, for aesthetic practices. In addition to the many perks of a traditional PMS system, BoomerangFX also offers:

• Cloud-based platform
• Adaptable any size practice
• Call management center for better patient communication
• Powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool
• Patient loyalty program for improved retention
• Track patient conversion
• Customizable reporting
• Rich suite of compliance documents and forms
• Treatment tracking modules
• Inventory control that predicts future needs
• Strategic emails and marketing
• Safe, security encryption to ensure compliance with HIPPA and PIPEDA regulations
• Easy to use database migration module
• Option for 99.9% internet server guarantee
• Free software upgrades at no charge

See the benefits of BoomerangFX for yourself by signing up for a complimentary demo or sign up for one year of BoomerangFX PMS and receive your first month free, with no setup and migration fee.

What is Customer relationship management (CRM)? 

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an advanced algorithm designed to better manage your aesthetic practice’s current clients and potential patients. A good CRM will give the relationship with your existing patients a boost by streamlining automation, increasing sales, and upping profits. The algorithm takes data on your existing clients, analyzes it, and reshapes the information in a manner that betters communication while increasing retention rates.

BoomerangFX Practice Management Software (PMS) is a CRM algorithm enabled, with a robust Client Retention Module. Our software will track clients based on your designated parameters, including age, treatment, and money spent. The CRM tool will remind you when these patients should return to your office based on their previous experiences.

BoomerangFX CRM Can:

o Allow you to track and manage inquiries

o Convert leads into paying patients

o Retain patients

o Get back ‘lost’ patients

o Boost customer service

o Optimize marketing campaigns

o Organize patient data including appointments, quotes, receipts, and credits

o Store all patient data in one, organized location for easy reference

o Simplify uploads of new data into your patient files

Track Sales for Amplified Retention Rates

BoomerangFX’s CRM tool uses a collection of powerful features to leverage patient data. Our software identifies purchases, missed sales, and the customers that have been the most profitable for your practice. We then allow you to focus communications on those patients most likely to purchase again. We foster engagement with these patients through automated, curated and personal reminders throughout the year. Targeting promotional materials will dramatically improve overall conversion and retention rates. Creating a solid base of loyal customers, BoomerangFX PMS with the CRM tool will increase your injectable and energy based clients by up to 80%. Better retention rates mean stable future growth and increased revenue.

Streamline Your Efforts While Ensuring Customers Return

With BoomerangFX, there is no more wasted time and energy going through patient charts or receipts to review purchases. Our CRM streamlines the backend process by efficiently storing data on our platform. The simple, clear dashboard allows you to easily see everything about a patient in one place. BoomerangFX predicts who is most likely to schedule a return appointment, what for and when. With the touch of a keypad, add 25% or more to your injectable revenue without factoring in a single new patient. Additionally, the CRM tool handles automated delinquency callbacks, saving you valuable time and frustration while increasing cash flow.

BoomerangFX for the Aesthetic Practice

Your aesthetic practice is constantly inundated with data, coming in from every direction. Unless this data is turned into knowledge, it will not do you any good. That’s where BoomerangFX comes in. We offer practice management software designed by a cosmetic surgeon, created specifically for your aesthetic office.

From marketing to billing, our PMS will ensure your office runs smoothly while giving you the tools to build better customer relationships for retention and growth. Sign up for a free BoomerangFX demo today.