So you’re considering the purchase of practice management software (PMS) for your aesthetic office, to streamline your team’s daily tasks and improve office efficiency. But, choosing the right PMS is proving to be quite an intimidating task. The decision doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you keep these four key factors in mind:

Ease of Use

It is important to choose PMS designed specifically for your particular medical specialty. Reach out to other physicians within your specialty to see how well they like their own software. When choosing PMS, ask if the new system will integrate with your existing electronic medical records system (EMR). Take advantage of an in-office demo, to ensure your staff feels comfortable with the system before you commit. With a good idea of your practice’s daily workflow, you can easily determine how user-friendly the PMS interface really is.  

Readily Accessible

Staff not only need easy access to your PMS in the office, but they may also need to login after hours from other locations. The right system for your aesthetic practice should be available whenever and wherever it is needed. Cloud-based PMS can be accessed by any team member with an internet connection, no matter where they happen to be. You also should be able to determine who gets access to specific modules, keeping patient and practice information safe and secure.


Before you start searching for the right system for you and your team, you need to know how much you’re willing to spend. Keep in mind, the total price includes the license to use the platform, as well as all training costs. Your PMS budget should also include maintenance, upgrades, patches, and cybersecurity. Remember, PMS is priced per month and some companies charge more based on the number of providers. While there may be a major price difference between vendors, never let cost be the only factor in this decision. If the price point is higher than what you were initially wanting to spend, consider the amount you will save with additional features.


No-one wants to get stuck with a frozen screen or system meltdown. The best PMS system will have continuous support, preferably both online and via telephone. Select a provider that offers 24/7 online assistance online, to get real-time support. Phone support is important to keep your business flowing smoothly too! Hiccups can be expected, but the best PMS will be there to help, getting support shouldn’t be a burden!

Could BoomerangFX be the right PMS for your aesthetic practice?

BoomerangFX is PMS for the aesthetic practice, designed by a plastic surgeon. The system was made specifically to meet the specific needs of a MedSpa or busy clinic. BoomerangFX is:

Dozens of aesthetic practices across Canada and the United States have already tried BoomerangFX. To find out if Boomerang FX is the right choice MedSpa or clinic, request a free demo today.

Today’s medical office must contend with a complex landscape of constantly changing technology, juggling a variety of tools and platforms every day. It takes a coordinated effort to effectively manage a successful cosmetic practice and medical spa, from scheduling to workflow and accounting to marketing. For the office to grow and profit, each piece of the puzzle must work together seamlessly. Practice management software is a unique tool designed specifically to streamline all the major tasks your team spends their time on every day. Saving time and energy, practice management software allows your staff and providers more time to focus on what is important: patients.

Practice Management Software:


How Practice Management Software Can Help Your Practice:

Practice management software is designed to be highly customizable to meet the needs of any clinic and medical spa, no matter their size. Your growing aesthetic office should expect practice management software to save valuable time and reduce stress, offering a measurable return on investment (ROI). Medical spa’s report an average:


Practice management software uses a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to follow and track leads. By offering real-time data, the software will help you discover hidden revenue and overlooked sales. Additionally, you will have the reports necessary to pinpoint areas that need action, great for training staff and boosting sales.


Our practice management software system includes integrated scheduling function for easy scheduling and to keep your staff productive. Team members can see other staff members shifts for a smooth office flow. A color-coded scheduling interface makes the patient scheduling software easy to use. Keep a detailed log of appointment times, the duration of each visit, and patient demographics. The software will send out automated appointment reminders through email or text message.

Billing and Accounting

Practice management software can take the administrative headache out of patient billing and reimbursements. Provide patient quotes, process payments, and balance out your office at the end of the day. The software gives you the tools you need to track inventory, eliminating the need for manual processes sing. Track bank deposits, refunds, and credits with ease.

Benefits of PM Software Include:

Empower Your Cosmetic Practice and Medical Spa with Patient Management Software from BoomerangFX:

BoomerangFX puts every tool your practice needs together on one, easy to use platform. Our practice management software was created by a plastic surgeon specifically for aesthetic professionals. Find out how much an innovative practice management software package can do for your office. Simply fill out our Contact Us form to learn more about BoomerangFX or to book a complimentary demo.